]> Kettle Grill No. 1 AIR F60 - RÖSLE

Kettle Grill No. 1 AIR F60

Art.-No. 25006
Length 73 cm
Width 83 cm
Height 115 cm

Barbecue grill Ø 60 cm (barbecue area 2734 cm²). New, patented AIR Control System ensures easy control of the supply air and removal of ash container by just turning the knob. Practical lid hinge with 45° angle. Large lid thermometer with rosette (display in °C and °F). Comfortable working height of 84 cm/33 in. for ergonomic working. Stable, smooth-running wheels (Ø 20 cm) with rubber tyres. Easy, fast set-up, since it is partly pre-assembled.


OutwardPositionedArrowhead Video: AIR Control System