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Copper Chalet

Cookware Copper Chalet


Copper was already in use 10,000 years ago and is among the oldest metals employed by humankind.


In the Chalet series, Rösle now combines copper with stainless steel and aluminium. Why? Because copper looks very elegant and has excellent thermal conductivity. The same goes for aluminium, which is also very lightweight. In addition, the stainless steel element ensures outstanding frying characteristics.






The eye is pleased, the mind is enraptured, and the palate is jubilant.


Copper transports the heat in an elegant way, not only quickly but evenly and to precisely where it is needed. It also has an innovative, traditional look, thus ensuring a pure feel-good atmosphere in the kitchen.





  • Made of multi-layered material: stainless steel, aluminium and copper
  • Hygienic and neutral in taste
  • Practical wrap-around pouring rim for drip-free pouring
  • With integrated scale
  • Pot lid with forced ventilation and silicone seal for exact placement
  • Pot lid resistant to temperatures of up to 260 °C/ 500 °F
  • Ergonomically formed handles made of enamelled cast iron
  • Manual  cleaning
  • Suitable for the following types of cooker: Electric, ceramic, gas, induction and oven





Very seldom has there ever been a series that has so completely combined appearance and taste. For not only is the preparation a pleasure, but also the look of the object.